When a client has suffered property damage in Florida, our lawyers are dedicated to achieving the best possible results for them. This commitment includes:

  • Total Compensation: Our lawyers will work toward securing full and fair compensation for repairing or replacing the damaged property. Compensation includes obtaining funds to cover the actual cash value or replacement cost value of the property.
  • Additional Damages: The objective includes obtaining client compensation for any further damages resulting from the property damage, such as loss of use, diminished value of the property, and any associated costs (e.g., temporary housing, loss of income).
  • One of our key priorities is to ensure that our client's insurance claim is maximized. Our lawyers take a proactive approach by documenting and presenting all necessary evidence. They also engage in negotiations with the insurance company, addressing any claim denials or underpayments to secure the best possible outcome for our client.
  • Costs Recovery: They seek to recover costs associated with the claim if the case involves bad faith actions by the insurance company.
  • Timely Resolution: A prompt resolution to the claim helps minimize the client's financial and emotional stress. The attorney expedites negotiations or legal proceedings when possible.
  • Accountability: Our lawyers hold responsible parties accountable, whether it's an insurance company, a negligent third party, or any other entity that contributed to the property damage.
  • Our Lawyers are well-versed in Florida state laws and regulations, including statutes of limitations and specific property damage statutes. We ensure that the claim and any legal actions are in full compliance, providing our clients with the reassurance that their case is in capable hands.
  • Prevention of Future Issues: We advise the client on steps to prevent future property damage and ensure they understand their rights and obligations under their insurance policy.

Sample of a Few of Our Cases

Our law firm has a proven track record of success. We have handled numerous cases with favorable outcomes, demonstrating our expertise and commitment to our clients. A few of these successful cases include:

  • Property Owner Not Compensated: A property owner did not receive payment for the damages they suffered despite their full coverage insurance policy. Our law firm intervened, and the insurer paid the property owner $125,000.
  • Water Damages Not Compensated: The insurer broke their contract after the property owner sustained water damages while covered under their insurance policy. 
  • Denied Claim: A property owner’s insurance company denied their water damage claim. To rectify this situation, the property owner turned to Vargas Gonzalez Baldwin Delombard, who filed a claim against the insurer for breach of contract. The court awarded the property owner $48,633.89 in compensation. 
  • Breach of Contract: Vargas Gonzalez Baldwin Delombard’s client sustained a covered loss while their insurance policy was in full force. Their insurer refused to pay for repairs. Our firm filed against the insurer, and the client received $45,500.
  • Breach of Contract: The insurer denied the property owner the accurate amount of compensation even though they were fully covered. After Vargas Gonzalez Baldwin Delombard intervened, the property owner was awarded $40,000 for damages.
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When you suffer damage after a disaster, you deserve to be paid by your insurer. You pay for this protection month after month. In many cases, the home and business owners have to pay for the repairs themselves. Our law firm is here to right that wrong. Contact us by phone or reach out online today.

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