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Damages Associated With Lightning

Damage due to lightning varies from minor electrical issues to significant structural damage, including fires. In addition, lightning can result in electrical shortages that affect appliances, wiring, electronics and even air conditioning units. Lightning does not even need to strike your home to cause property damage. Ground surges can do a great deal of damage.

Property Damage Claims Associated with Lightning

For legal claims with lightning damage, the primary considerations are the following.

Insurance Policies

A property owner’s insurance handles covered damage claims. Understanding the specifics of the insurance policy is vital since it details what damages are covered and by how much. Policies differ in terms of deductibles, exclusions, and coverage limits. Homeowner's insurance covers lightning and its consequences. It's important to note that these policies can be complex, and seeking legal assistance is advisable to understand your coverage.

Proving the Damage

Proving that the damage occurred due to lightning can be complicated. However, as a property owner, you have the power to provide sufficient evidence, including professional testimony, weather reports, and reports from structural engineers or electricians. The burden of proof lies with you to show that the lightning strike occurred and caused the listed damage.

Timeliness of Claims

State laws require that the claimant file insurance claims within a specific timeframe. The insurer can deny the claim if the deadline is unmet. It underscores the importance of your quick action following a lightning strike. By acting, you can avoid a claim denial and ensure a smoother claims process. You have a time limit to file a claim for lightning damage. Some insurance companies have a time limit of 30 to 60 days to report damage.


Disputes may arise concerning the valuation of damages, the interpretation of insurance policy language, or the cause of the damage. In such cases, lightning damage lawyers can help negotiate with insurance companies or pursue further legal action if necessary.

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Coverage for Lightning in a Homeowner Policy

Homeowner policies cover the dwelling and outbuildings, such as your garage or shed. They also cover appliances, electronics, furniture and other furnishings. If you must leave your home while contractors make repairs and stay at another establishment, such as a motel, the insurer covers you at 20 percent of the homeowner's policy’s value. The policy can be difficult to understand, and reading it several times may help.

Filing a Lightning Damage Claim

The claim form is complex, and any mistakes may delay payment. Use the following best practices:
Documentation: Use your phone to take pictures and videos of your belongings. Evidence of items that need repair or replacement is critical.

  • Call the Insurance Company: Report the damage right away. The representative will ask for your contact information and the policy number. Give them a brief description of the damage without embellishment.
  • Inspection: A claims adjuster will inspect your residence for damage. Be courteous and refrain from making unnecessary statements. They could be used against you.
  • Settlement: The insurer will offer a financial settlement minus the deductible. The first payment will enable you to start making repairs, while the second will pay additional costs. The insurer sends a separate check if personal property, such as a stereo, is involved. Some settlements are lower than the cost of rebuilding or repairing your home. You might waive receiving the necessary funds if you agree to this settlement without a lawyer’s review.
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Consequences of Filing an Insurance Claim

Filing a claim does have consequences. For instance, your premium may increase. A warehouse called the Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange (CLUE) keeps seven years of all insurance claims you make on file. The downside is that the insurer may void your policy if you make too many.

The best approach is to calculate the cost of the repairs. Look to ensure it is more than your deductible. Remember, your premium can increase, which could end up costing you more. A  lightning damage lawyer can help you with this decision.

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How Lightning Damage Lawyers Can Help

A law firm that specializes in property damage due to natural disasters, including lightning, can offer invaluable assistance to homeowners and property managers with the following:

Expertise in Insurance Law

Such firms have a deep understanding of insurance laws. They can help interpret policy language and ensure that the claim covers the maximum possible extent of the damage.

Assistance with Evidence Collection

Lawyers can help gather and present evidence to substantiate a claim. This assistance might involve hiring experts or restoration specialists or obtaining necessary documentation proving the damage's extent and cause.

Legal Assistance

Legal representation is crucial if a dispute arises during the claims process. Lightning damage lawyers can handle negotiations with insurance adjusters and, if necessary, litigate the case to ensure fair compensation. At Vargas Gonzalez Baldwin Delombard, we are well-versed in these processes and can provide the required support and guidance.

Guidance on Preventive Measures

Besides handling claims, lawyers can advise on preventive measures to lessen future risks. Preventive measures include recommendations for installing lightning rods, updating insurance coverage to include specific lightning damage clauses, or conducting regular property inspections to identify potential hazards.

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Vargas Gonzalez Baldwin Delombard

If lightning damages your property, you need the help of an experienced lawyer. Call the Vargas Gonzalez Baldwin Delombard law firm. Our skilled attorneys handle lightning damage cases and provide a free case review to evaluate the damage and calculate the losses. They understand the trauma of having your property destroyed and are committed to working with you to rebuild and repair the damage.

We work on a contingency basis, ensuring that you only incur fees if we successfully win your case. This approach highlights our dedication to securing the best possible outcome for you without any initial expenses during a difficult time. We will guide you through filing a claim, from the initial consultation to the final settlement. You can contact us online.

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