If your home has been damaged or destroyed, you will most likely feel overwhelmed and confused on what to do next. As long as your property is insured and you have a great insurance attorney in Miami, the recovery process will go as smoothly as possible. At Vargas Gonzalez Baldwin Delombard we know that navigating through property insurance paperwork can be difficult. We want you to know that you are in good hands with us because property damage claims are one of our specialties.

What an Insurance Attorney in Miami Does

When we reach out to insurance companies regarding a property damage claim, it is our duty to get you the best settlement we possibly can. Think of insurance claims as business transactions. There is a lot of research, paperwork, and negotiation. The end goal is to get your life at home back to where it was before the incident, if not better. Our team of experienced insurance claim lawyers can determine the best legal strategy for all types of property damage, including water damage, lightning damage, fire damage, mold damage, sinkhole damage, or vandalism.

Water damage claims are one of the most frequent property damage claims. A home damaged by water can cost insurance companies a lot of money to fix. To ensure that you receive the settlement you deserve, document all damages with photographs and video and contact your insurance attorney in Miami immediately.

Florida, “The Lightning Capital of the U.S.” has more storms with lightning strikes than any other state in the nation. Like water damage, lightning damage can be extreme. Homes struck by lightning can catch on fire and burn to the ground. A power surge caused by lightning can also damage all home appliances, computers and possibly all the wiring throughout the home. If your home is hit by lightning, it’s imperative to call an experienced attorney right away.

You Deserve Just Compensation

Regardless of whether you have suffered fire damage to one room or the whole home- you will have lost personal possessions and deserve to be compensated for everything lost. You must hire an insurance attorney in Miami immediately after the fire occurs. Some common forms of unfair claims include allegations of arson, undervaluing personal belongings, and a clear violation of insurance terms.

If there is mold in your home, it’s possible that someone else may be liable for the damage. Whether the mold came from an overflowing bathtub, pipe leak, or humid conditions, it’s worth looking into. Mold can be toxic and significantly bring your property value down.

Hiring an experienced sinkhole attorney is necessary if your home is damaged by a cavity in the ground. If you live in Florida, sinkholes are just a part of life. If you are a homeowner in Florida, attaining extra insurance for the occurrence of a sinkhole is recommended.

Unfortunately, like sinkholes, vandalism is also a part of life. Broken windows, spray painted homes and any kind of unwanted, malicious damage to a home is considered vandalism. If you’re a victim of home vandalism, make sure to document the damage and contact an insurance attorney in Miami immediately.

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