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When Do I Need an Attorney?

After an incident, many things run across your mind. Should hiring an attorney be one of them? Well, that all depends on the factors involved in each specific incident. Before hiring a lawyer, take into consideration the circumstance of your issue. For example, if there is an identifiable cause of a car accident but you have not been injured, then hiring a lawyer may be unnecessary. However, if the second party is injured and those injuries affect other aspects of their lives, then hiring a lawyer could be very important.

Property Insurance Attorney

Most homeowners assume their property is safe because it is insured. What happens when your home is damaged due to a natural disaster, such as a hurricane? Or what if there is a wind storm or hail that causes property damage to your home? Your insurance company is responsible for paying for the damages based on the homeowners policy you’ve purchased. However, what happens if your claim is underpaid? Or worse, what happens if your homeowner’s policy is denied?

If your property insurance claim has been denied or underpaid, you should call an attorney. You pay for your home to be insured. You deserve for your claim to be paid in full. This allows your family to begin the repair process and make your home whole once again.

There are other instances where you’ll need an attorney for your homeowner’s insurance claim. These include if your damage is quoted as being “under your deductible”, if your insurance company approves faulty repairs, and/or improperly elects that the property cannot be repaired. Other situations where you may need an attorney include if your home has suffered flood damage, water damage (from plumbing, a roof leak, or leaking A/C unit), fire damage, mold damage, and/or vandalism.

Personal Injury/Accident Attorney

A personal injury can occur on the road, at work, or on a person’s residential or commercial property. Personal injury can include and is not limited to, a car accident, an accident in the workplace, negligent security, and even wrongful death. If the aggrieved party has permanent injuries, lost a significant amount of time at work or at school, or cannot complete household chores, then an attorney is necessary.

No Insurance….

If you find yourself in a situation in which the negligent party does not have insurance, it’s imperative to contact an attorney immediately. In some instances, the insurer might bring an attorney as representation during a court case. If that is the case, it is recommended that you have a personal injury lawyer represent you as well. Your lawyer will be able to interpret all the paperwork involved and guide you through the legal process.

Commercial Litigation Attorney

There are moments in your professional life where you’ll need the services of an attorney. Small matters will most likely be handled within your company through human resources, managers, or corporate executives. You’ll need the services of an attorney for commercial litigation to deal with matters such as contract disputes, shareholder and partner disputes, business fraud, employment claims, real estate disputes, and financial transaction disputes.

A commercial litigation attorney will represent you in civil lawsuits. These attorneys manage every phase of the litigation process, starting with the investigation pleadings all the way through the trial, settlement, and/or appeal processes.

Criminal Defense Attorney

When you find yourself on the other side of the law, you will need to contact an attorney. These matters can be small, such as being accused of a misdemeanor. They can also be more severe charges such as battery, DUI and simple drug possession, armed robbery, attempted murder, or first-degree murder.

The purpose of a criminal defense attorney is to defend you in the court of law. They will help in proving the innocence of the defendant if they are not guilty of their charges. If the defendant admits to the guilt of the criminal charges, a criminal defense attorney can assist with reducing the sentence for these crimes. This is done through a plea bargain or a deal.

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The question you must ask yourself is this: “does my situation require the expertise of an attorney?” If that answer is no, then it most likely can be handled through the involved parties. However, if that answer is yes, then you need an attorney as soon as possible. Vargas Gonzalez Baldwin Delombard has been serving Florida with over 20 years of experience. We would love to help with your case at any time.

If you’re in need of an attorney at this time, please fill out this form and we’ll have a member of our team contact you shortly.

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