Aside from the obvious advantage of having someone who fully understands legal jargon, having a criminal defense attorney on one’s side can be the difference between incarceration and freedom. Unless a defendant has diligently studied law, it can often be difficult to defend oneself with the same tact a defense attorney can provide.

Why Should I Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

The job of a criminal defense attorney does not merely start in court, however, as they also provide a defendant knowledge of his or her rights, both expressed and implied in the United States Constitution. Defendants have the right to have an attorney in all criminal proceedings. A search for “coerced confession” in Google news results in many examples of the injustices that any decent criminal defense attorney can help prevent.

Experience Is Everything

If the prosecution has an attorney in order to try as hard as possible to prove the guilt – “beyond a reasonable doubt” – of a defendant, it is only logical that a fair and proper trial would also include a defense attorney – someone who can find the holes in a prosecution’s case in order to prove innocence. A good criminal defense attorney can use any misconduct by law enforcement to get unlawfully obtained evidence excluded from a trial, such as evidence obtained without a warrant. A defense attorney is also capable of interviewing potential witnesses and providing evidence contrary to that being presented by the prosecution.

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Even a verdict of “guilty” does not signify the end of a criminal defense attorney’s role in a defendant’s life. Criminal defenders can often appeal to have sentences reduced or probation terminated early. The legal support offered by a criminal defense attorney is especially useful in more serious cases, in which sentences are more severe.


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